About Us

Welcome to The COME BE On TV

COME BE ON TV works with its international network of brand ambassadors, influencers, and talent stars to create video and image content that makes your brand go viral. 

Who Are We

We’re a team of global brand ambassador and model promotion agency, working with local and international clients to leverage our social power to drive business growth. 

Our Mission

Making your business go viral through the influential power of ethical brand ambassadors and models. 

What We Do

What is a Brand Ambassador?

COME BE ON TV is a Brand Ambassador & Talent Management Agency founded by Footwright Enterprises Co. Ltd (USA) & Think Expand Ltd (Ghana) that works with local and international companies to build, manage and run effective brand ambassador programs. 

Our network of brand influencers and models help promote brand awareness, increase brand loyalty, improve brand communication, deepen the relationship with the brand and also help organizations to drive business growth.

Would you like to start a project with us?

We look forward to working with you, bringing in our models and brand influencers to explode and let your business go viral online.